Help a driven and determined kid get into college and get it paid for.

Hundreds of Minds Matter Colorado graduates have gotten into college with scholarships (100% success!)

Thousands of volunteers have already made an impact on the lives of our students

Minds Matter Colorado grads have avoided millions of dollarsin student loans


Only 1 in 4 Colorado students will go to a four-year college


97% of top jobs in Colorado (that pay a living wage) need a degree/credential

Lack of education can lead to:

  • lower salaries,
  • less job security,
  • shorter life expectancy

Hard work should pay off.
Income shouldn't matter.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed trying to make an impact. You can help a driven and determined student break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Apply to Mentor, show up, listen, and build relationships with your students. We’ll take care of the rest.

100% of Minds Matter Colorado graduates get into college with scholarships.

Minds Matter connects driven and determined students from low-income families with the people, preparation, and possibilities to succeed in college, create their future, and change the world.


Through three years of mentoring, after-school programming, and summer college experiences, 100% of our graduates earn acceptance to college with scholarships.


of Minds Matter Colorado graduates get into college


of Minds Matter Colorado graduates get into college

We’ll help you make a difference.

Since 2004, we’ve:

  • Helped hundreds of students get into college
  • Supported thousands of volunteers in making a difference
  • Avoided millions of dollars in student loans for our graduates

Here's how your investment can make a difference:


How it works:

Invest in our students

Stay connected to their journeys 

Watch them head to college