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Genius has no zip code. Our students are the proof.

"I feel like the people who are here really want to be here. They dedicate their time to get the most they can out of the program."

– E, Second year mentee and junior at Denver South

Full-Time Openings

Program Manager

The Program Manager (PM) will support a high-performing organization with a proven model for college and career success. Minds Matter Colorado works with 110 students, 15 partner high schools, and 190+ volunteers. Joining an organization in growth mode, the Program Manager will work alongside talented staff and dedicated volunteers to make a significant impact on Minds Matter Colorado’s capacity to work with students across the Denver region and will help develop programming as we embark on our next 5 year strategic vision. Our small-but-mighty staff of four leads & supports over 190 active volunteers to bring programming to life. Specifically, the Program Manager will:

  • Implement Recruitment and Program Plans to stabilize and grow the overall impact of the organization
  • Serve as the staff manager for Summer Program processes
  • Manage and support 12th Grade Programming
  • Support the Director of Programs in program planning and implementation
  • Serve as a collaborative team member and champion for Minds Matter’s mission and values

Download Job Description:

Part-Time Volunteer Openings

Program Mentor

Mentors ground their mentees in the Minds Matter Monday night experience. Supported by volunteer program leaders who facilitate a prepared curriculum, Mentors engage in conversation and connection building while drawing from our shared goals. Mentors don’t need to be experts in the following topics – they need to be willing to show up consistently and work through the prepared activities together:

  • Establish a Mentoring Relationship
  • Academic and College Guidance
  • Personal and Leadership Development
  • College Readiness and Transition
  • Attend Mentor Training and Program Events

Mentoring typically involves a commitment of approximately 8 - 10 hours per month during the academic year. Minds Matter Colorado does not host programming during the summer or whenever school is out of session (winter break, spring break, etc.). The long-term time commitment is 3 years. We’re asking students to commit to 3 years of the program, so a matching commitment of support from caring adults is what we’re looking for.

Full Role Description:

Full Role Description:

Program Team Lead

Program Team Leads are responsible for leading and facilitating activities for ~6-10 Mentees and ~6-10 Mentors.

Program Team Leads lead the Minds Matter Monday night experience for mentors and mentees. With the support of a prepared curriculum (including lesson plans, activity instructions, handouts, and talking points), Program Team Leads facilitate activities and conversations geared towards our shared goals.

Skills required include:

  • Experience teaching or facilitating learning of others, ideally experience with high school students
  • Strong Interpersonal skills
  • Passion for working with kids and building relationships
  • Patience
  • Strong organizational/tracking skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Public speaking ability
  • Strong role-model