Help a teenager navigate the stress of studying, test taking, and feeling ready for
life beyond high school.

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Volunteerism, Delivered to Your Door!

Minds Matter has partnered with Project Helping, a mental health nonprofit that makes volunteering as easy as possible, because serving your community improves your mental wellness.

Together, we have created a College Preparation Kynd Kit. A Kynd Kit is a volunteer project in a box, which results in a care package for someone who needs it. This Kynd Kit is designed to meet the needs of students preparing for life after high school. The package includes different resources for the students to use, as well as advice for studying and practicing mindfulness during the stress of school.

With this partnership, completed kits will be delivered to high schools in the Metro Denver area to help them prepare for studying and stress management.

About Project Helping

Project Helping organizes and leads 700+ volunteer experiences per year. Each volunteer experience is designed to be meaningful, social, and accessible - so it has an impact on the volunteer and the community.

Kynd Kits are volunteer projects in a box. Everything you need to do a meaningful project for someone in need is delivered right to your door.

You can order kits to your home for individual use, or to your office so that your corporate team can work on their kits together!

How Do Kynd Kits Work?