Our Program

Genius has no zip code. Our students are the proof.

"The program is very linear, and you’re working with very motivated students. It really takes the worry out of being a mentor."

– Phillip, Mentor and Associate Board member


Socio-economic status is a large determining factor in who has the opportunity to go to college, particularly when it comes to attending the country’s major colleges. This is especially important because, for students who come from low-income households, going to a top-performing college or university can have a huge impact on their futures.

In Colorado, there are many bright students who, due to their household income, qualify for their school’s free or reduced price lunch program. These students typically look to local and in-state colleges simply because of their financial situation. They are the very reason Minds Matter Colorado exists.



Our approach is pretty simple. We recruit accomplished students with undeniable potential to participate from their sophomore through senior years. We then pair them with a cadre of passionate, intelligent, dedicated volunteers who mentor the same two students for three years until graduation. We hold weekly after-school sessions during the school year focused on academic readiness (writing, critical thinking, communication, community leadership) and college preparation (summer programs, SAT prep, college and financial aid applications).



Colorado is 45th in the United States in high school graduation rate for 9th graders.


3 out of 4 Colorado jobs require some education after high school.

Approximately 7,000 current Colorado high school students would be eligible for our program.


At Minds Matter Colorado, we see the effect we have on our students every week. Our mentors help bring that sense of perspective and community to students who might not have many college-educated adults in their lives who aren’t authority figures. These relationships serve as the bedrock for stronger choices and more opportunity in the student’s lives.

We aren’t just teaching students how to successfully get into the college of their choice, we are also teaching them valuable communication skills that build their confidence and help them develop a stronger sense of self.

Our students often form strong friendships with their peers in the program and those they meet during their summer program experiences. The same holds true for our mentors who often build connections and lasting friendships with other mentors.



One hundred percent of our graduates have completed high school on time, have attended a college summer program, and have been accepted to a four-year college or university with scholarships in hand.

  • 100% of our graduates complete high school on time
  • 100% of our graduates attend summer programs on college campuses
  • 100% of our graduates are accepted into four year colleges and universities
  • 100% of our graduates are awarded scholarships