Miles for Minds: From Denver, to Colorado Springs, to Aurora, and Beyond

Miles for Minds: From Denver, to Colorado Springs, to Aurora, and Beyond

This time of year at Minds Matter Colorado, we look back in reflection on what we have accomplished and look forward to what we want to achieve in the coming year. For so many reasons, 2020 has been a challenge for our organization and our students. From dealing with COVID-19 restrictions to addressing technology needs to launching virtual sessions, we’ve pivoted to provide the most supportive learning environment possible while keeping our mentors and mentees safe.

And we’ve accomplished some pretty big goals along the way! With your support, we were able to fund more than 80 new Chromebooks to provide our students with the latest technology to succeed in high school and college. Plus we launched our first expansion outside of Denver to our new Colorado Springs site. The first class of students is now underway at Harrison High School in Colorado Springs, thanks in no small part to your generosity.

But we know that our work is never complete. Our long-term goal is to reach all low-income, high achieving students across Colorado so that they can achieve a college degree. That’s because we know that a college degree is one of the best ways out of persistent childhood poverty. College graduates make twice as much over their lifetimes ($600k on average) as high school graduates. But only 1 out of 4 low-income Colorado kids will go to a four-year college.

That’s why we’ve committed to expand to yet another new site in 2021, this time in Aurora. Work is already underway to launch the Aurora program in October 2021 in partnership with Aurora Community Connection, a family resource center that has helped hundreds of families connect to local support systems over the past 13+ years. We’re on track to begin recruiting students from Aurora Central and Aurora West High Schools in the Spring. And, we will begin recruiting Mentors for these students in February – June of next year. 

But in order to fund this first class in Aurora, as well as continue to support our students in Denver and Colorado Springs, we need your help. We’ve launched the Miles for Minds year-end campaign with the goal of raising $75,000. Why Miles for Minds? It’s 75 miles from our first expansion location in Colorado Springs to our next site in Aurora. And it’s $75,000 to cover the distance and ensure our current students are on track to head to college and our first class of students at Aurora has the same opportunity.  

By giving to our Miles for Minds campaign before year-end, you can help new students in Aurora, as well as current students in Denver and Colorado Springs, get into the college of their choice with scholarships. Here are just a few of ways your contribution can help the students:

Each dollar you give to Minds Matter Colorado will turn into $17 for our students in scholarships, reduced debt, and increased income over their lifetimes. Plus the first $30,000 raised with Miles for Minds will be matched thanks to the generosity of the All Ways Up Foundation, Silicon Valley Bank, and other donors like you!

With your donation, you will help even more driven and determined Colorado students succeed in college, break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, create their futures, and change the world. Thank you for your support!



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