16-Year MMCO Volunteer Recognized as Everyday Hero by Denver7


Colorado man connecting high schoolers to scholarships, no matter their background

We want to send a huge and heartfelt congratulations to Mike Raleigh for his recent recognition as an Everyday Hero by Channel 7. This is a testament to his selfless service and impact within our community.

Mike has been an MMCO volunteer for SIXTEEN years! He has been an invaluable support for our Summer Programs, guiding students through the intricate process of selecting collegiate summer programs, and has left a mark on countless young lives. We are immensely grateful for his enduring contributions and are thrilled to see him receive the well-deserved acknowledgment.

Thank you, Mike, for being a dedicated volunteer, inspiration, and mentor to us all!

Access the full story: https://www.denver7.com/news/7everyday-hero/colorado-man-connecting-high-schoolers-to-scholarships-no-matter-their-background

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